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The right personality to run a global web estate

Bringing order to a complex online presence requires the versatility of Leonardo Da Vinci and the resourcefulness of Machiavelli, but to really get things done web managers need the charm of...

Online lessons from the G7

From tips on audience engagement at the White House to the pitfalls of responsive design at Downing Street, there is much to learn from the online ‘estates’ of the world’s most...

How to stand out with About

As long as the essentials are covered, the ‘About’ section of the corporate website is ripe for experimentation, Scott Payton says.

Why neglecting your Contacts is bad for business

A small investment in improving your corporate website’s ‘Contact us’ section is likely to pay back many times over, Scott Payton says.

Window of opportunity

Home page fashions come and go, but making the most of this still crucial ‘window on your world’ depends on the answers to fundamental questions, Jason Sumner says. 

The end of the fantasy

Online fragmentation is accelerating – by device, geography and platform – and big companies are not adjusting to the new world order, David Bowen says.

Why are corporate websites like Brussels sprouts?

Large organizations relaunching their sites have a particular issue at the moment. It is the ‘navigation challenge’, and most groups attempting it are failing, David Bowen says.

How to keep the media happy online

Companies best at online media communication have developed tools to make journalists’ jobs easier, while avoiding pitfalls such as confusing marketing for news, Scott Payton says.

What do investors really want from online communications?

Corporate investor relations teams must adapt to the actual online needs of fund managers, analysts and private investors, not what the company thinks they want, Scott Payton says.