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From best to worst in one website

Visually fantastic, but deeply flawed, Walt Disney’s corporate website shows all that is right – and wrong - with modern web design, David Bowen says.

Customers: the new frontier

Our survey shows web managers are concentrating on serving customers. But different companies have very different needs and challenges, David Bowen says.

Who will follow in Obama's (digital) footsteps?

From ‘Bernie’s story’ to ‘Cruz gear’, Scott Payton rates the online offerings of the top US presidential contenders.

When will websites go virtual?

Technology prognosticators say virtual reality will finally take off in 2016. If so, David Bowen considers how organizations and their 2D websites might take advantage of the trend.

Why you should choose the best – not your own – website after a merger

If three planned corporate tie-ups go ahead, some big online estates will soon be surplus to requirements. David Bowen considers which ones should stay, and which ones should go.

Look before you loop, and a new channel for corporate stories

Jason Sumner hopes the fad for short videos is short-lived, and Scott Payton says syndication could be a promising new channel for corporate ‘stories’.

Mixing politics and social media, and is Twitter the new newswire?

Jason Sumner asks if mixing politics and social media is only an American trend; and Scott Payton explains how an investor Twitter feed could make wire services redundant.

Why sideline your corporate website when a crisis strikes?

Despite 25 years of evidence to the contrary, the corporate website is still not widely seen as a serious tool for reputation management. It is time for digital managers to challenge conventions...

Which web fashions are worth following?

Some of the latest web trends will enhance your online presence, but others risk alienating your users, Scott Payton says.