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IR in France - Who's top?

Scott Payton reveals our ranking of the best among France’s biggest companies for online investor relations, and what other companies can learn from them.

If we ignore ‘digital transformation’ will it go away?

What does digital transformation have to do with digital comms? Maybe nothing, and that might be ok, Jason Sumner says.

Why Americans make good online citizens

US companies do not feature highly overall among the world’s best online communicators, but there is still much to learn from those that are ‘doing good’ online, Jason Sumner...

Why 'noises off' can be the making of corporate online content

Going 'behind the scenes' at the company can make for compelling viewing and a more sympathetic audience, Jason Sumner says.

Why does Shell hide its arguments online, and how has storytelling come to such a bad ending?

David Bowen asks why Shell’s website buries arguments for the defence in Nigeria, and Scott Payton tells a sad tale about how over-use killed the ‘story’.

Apple's crunchy prose, and lessons in content strategy from your fund manager

David Bowen says Apple's open letter defending encryption is a rare model of corporate clarity online; and Jason Sumner finds fund management firms a source of unexpected insight on content...

How to make online metrics relevant for your boss

When most web analytics reports consist of disconnected and inconclusive data, is it any wonder that senior managers’ eyes glaze over? Dan Drury explains three steps for capturing &ndash...

From best to worst in one website

Visually fantastic, but deeply flawed, Walt Disney’s corporate website shows all that is right – and wrong - with modern web design, David Bowen says.

Customers: the new frontier

Our survey shows web managers are concentrating on serving customers. But different companies have very different needs and challenges, David Bowen says.