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Does ‘what you do’ drive your visitors to Wikipedia?

Jason Sumner asks why some companies find it so hard to say what it is they actually do.

If you pay your taxes, why not shout about it?

Paying corporate tax is matter of reputation management and social responsibility. So why, David Bowen asks, do so few companies that pay up talk about tax effectively on their corporate...

How to make your words sing

David Bowen explores why so many corporate websites fail when it comes to ‘tone of voice’.

Thinking about building an online following

Even if ‘thought leadership’ is an outdated label, there are important reasons why digital teams are still being asked how to position their organization’s thinking online...

Found: search tools that really work

Showcasing search boxes on corporate websites is risky because internal search engines are usually so poor. It does not have to be that way, Scott Payton says.

Defying the 'whisperers' and leaps of faith

Jason Sumner shares five lessons from the 10th annual Bowen Craggs Web Effectiveness Conference.

CEOs should tweet - if they know how to

CEOs do not have to launch rockets to make their tweets interesting, David Bowen says.

IR in France - Who's top?

Scott Payton reveals our ranking of the best among France’s biggest companies for online investor relations, and what other companies can learn from them.

If we ignore ‘digital transformation’ will it go away?

What does digital transformation have to do with digital comms? Maybe nothing, and that might be ok, Jason Sumner says.