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Why waste the media’s time when you don’t have to?

Why are companies complicating the media's job by separating press releases into different buckets that might be clear inside the company but make little sense to anyone else? Jason Sumner...

The joy of words

The power of the written word is at last being recognised on corporate sites. About time too, says David Bowen.

Does virtual reality have a role in corporate communications?

Scott Payton straps on a pair of goggles to review three multinationals’ ventures into VR.

Ten years on - what's gone up, down and sideways?

A couple of weeks ago we looked forward to see whether corporate websites will survive, and concluded they would. Now David Bowen looks back, to the start of the Bowen Craggs Index, to see how...

Do we need corporate websites anymore?

In a Q&A with David Bowen, the veteran commentator explains why declaring the death of corporate websites is (still) premature.

Cultivating your careers section

Mali Perdeaux and Jason Sumner present some of the best recent innovations in corporate online recruiting.

The masters of the internet get confused

Cisco used to have the best service for journalists we knew. It doesn't any more. David Bowen wonders what has happened.

Best of the best

The depths of the Bowen Craggs Database hide some marvels that can help us all. David Bowen goes digging.

Jolly green tech giants

Apple, Facebook and Google get ‘A’ grades from Greenpeace for advancing the cause of renewable energy. The way they promote their renewable credentials online deserves top marks too,...