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McKinsey : Expandable sidebar

A creative variation on the ‘click-to-expand’ menu could be useful for corporate website articles.

Siemens : Deutsche marks

German-style quotation marks add an element of quirkiness but will English-speaking readers understand?

Airbus Group : Interactivity takes flight

A clever online feature showcases an aerospace company’s impressive portfolio of aircraft and satellites.

Ambev : Lost in Google translation

Relying on Google for different language versions of a corporate site has predictably patchy results.

Airbus Group : Job search ruined in a Flash

An otherwise excellent online global job search is undermined by using Flash technology for applications.

UnitedHealth Group : Accessible careers chats

An online chat feature gives a wide range of options for jobseekers to ask questions about the company and recruiting process.

Philip Morris International : Sophisticated sniffer

The tobacco giant’s corporate website displays brand sites and jobs based on a visitor’s location.

Honeywell : Interactive board table

A clear, intuitive interactive table makes it easy to see board biographies and committee memberships.

Bristol-Myers Squibb : Return of the left menu, mobile style

An American pharmaceutical company uses its mobile navigation menu on the desktop, with mixed results.