A ranking of the world's best online communicators

We have published a ranking of the 30 best corporate online communicators in the world – the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence. This ranking is the most credible list of the large companies that are performing best online – taking into account all online comms channels – websites, mobile, social media, apps, etc.

At the same time, we have significantly expanded the database that underlies the Index, transforming it into a best practice engine for digital communicators. (The full database is accessible to subscribers and contains best practice from many more websites we have reviewed.)

Please see the sub-sections listed below for our analysis of the rankings. For more detail on the changes to the Bowen Craggs Index of Online Excellence, please see the ‘FAQ & methodology’ section below. 

In this section

Overview 2016

Marketing for the whole enterprise - see Bowen Craggs' latest index to find out what you can learn from the world's top online communicators.

Interactive results table

The Index is not just one ranking but a consolidation of eight that assess different aspects of an online estate.

Lessons from the top 3

The top three share one thing – navigation that includes in-view menus. Given pressures to follow fashion, their insistence on putting usability first is impressive.

New entrants

The Index now draws from 200 companies, a far bigger pool than previous years.

FAQ & methodology

How we measure the effectiveness of a corporate web presence.