A ranking for performance improvement

Now in its eighth year the Bowen Craggs Index draws on detailed company reports and best practice that are painstakingly researched and compiled throughout the year to form a unique ‘living’ database unparalleled as a tool for continuous improvement.

The Index is a ranking – in fact many rankings – but the real aim is not to stimulate praise, blame or panic among the featured companies or the wider constituency of large organisations with online estates. Its purpose is to show what should be done (and what should not be done) to make a website and a company’s other online communication channels as effective as possible.

In this section


Bowen Craggs’s latest ranking of online estates shows that few corporate giants really understand what the internet could be doing for them.

Interactive results table

The Index is not just one ranking but a consolidation of eight that assess different aspects of an online estate.

Key themes

What to do about mobile and social media.

Best & worst practice

Uncovering the treasures in the October 2014 Index, and those that are getting it wrong.

FAQ & methodology

How we measure the effectiveness of a corporate web presence.